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From Non-Attorneys

"Paula Aylward is a highly qualified lawyer who has demonstrated by the work she has done for me that she is knowledgeable, trustworthy, efficient, reliable, prompt, responsive and always up to date on those issues that affect and have an impact on her clients. I recommend her enthusiastically and unreservedly."

-- Professor E. Thomas Lawson, Kalamazoo, MI and Belfast, Northern Ireland


"Allegiant Legal, PC, and Paula Aylward have been a tremendous help to my company. They have assisted me with important documents and legal direction, thus enabling me to take my company to the next level of business practice. Paula's attention to detail and dedication to each and every project sets her apart from other legal professionals. "Truth has no agenda," and Paula's integrity to herself and her clients ensures that she will always do the right thing for your business. I'm thankful for having Allegiant Legal on our team."

-- Deborah G. Knight, CEO, D. Knight Designs, Inc.


"Ms. Aylward's genuineness and empathy give her clients a security and peace of mind that eliminates their worry and stress. Paula demonstrates emotion and concern – qualities that many lawyers forego after they practice for a time – and completes matters in a timely and efficient manner. Her clients are her #1 priority."

-- Director of a non-profit organization


"Paula is professional, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable. She went above and beyond my expectations and truly cared about my family and our situation."

-- Susan, a family law client


"Attorney Aylward is an excellet choice. She is very professional and at the same time very personable and caring. She is very diligent in getting answers and relaying info back to the client. She is very fair with her fees. Attorney Aylward will be my lawyer for years to come. I do not hesitate to recommend her."

-- Cindy, a business client


"Paula Aylward was exceptionally helpful in a difficult case and her advice was invaluable. She kept us appraised of progress and was professional in all her interactions with us and with the other party's representative. In the end, we did not purchase the property, which was a wise decision since it could have been a financial disaster. Exceptional advice from an excellet attorney. Highly recommended."

-- Don, a real estate client


"Paula was my attorney during my divorce with two minor children. She kept my goals at the forefront of her planning. She communicated with me, the other attorney, and the court regularly, on time, and efficiently. She kept everything on track and proceeding forward toward a final resolution despite the other attorney's lack of attention to detail and failure to return calls. Paula acted with a high degree of professionalism at all times. I would recommend her without reservations or hesitation to my closest friends and associates."

-- Jacqueline, a divorce client


"Dear Paula,

Just a quick note to let you know how satisfied I was with your services.

I did not expect to receive the type of thoughtful and caring attention that you brought to my case. You were very professional and precise, yet you were still able to maintain an attitude of friendliness and warmth that took the edge off of what could have been a trying time. For that, I am extremely grateful.

Although I hope that I would not require your services in the immediate future, if I did, I would not hesitate to employ you, as I know that you would do everything in your power to assist me in the most efficacious manner.

Thank you again for helping me in the most trying of times, and I wish you the best in all your future endeavors."

-- Diana


"Paula was awesome in her dealings with myself and my family, very caring. Her knowledge of the Michigan law and how they work is awesome, and if you have ever dealt with them you would know this is not an easy task. Thank you so much Paula for all you did for us and all you continue to do."

-- John and Amy


"I believe Paula Aylward did an excellent job on my case and in fact went above and beyond her duties after I could no longer retain her services .Paula kept working on my case even though she was no longer being paid to do so. Now my life is back to normal because Paula believed in me and kept fighting for me. THANKS PAULA for everything. I would recommend her to anyone that has similar issues and in fact my wife has already done so."

-- John


“Paula did a wonderful job. She was incredibly helpful; she explained things in a manner that I could easily understand. From the moment I began working with Paula I felt confident, relaxed, and knew that she would get the job done. I just can’t say enough about Paula and her practice; I have already began recommending her highly.”

-- Rebekah, a divorce client


I had never retained an attorney before when I brought a very sensitive matter to Paula Aylward. A lot was a stake, professionally and personally, and because of that, I am genuinely grateful I found Paula. A lot is said about doctor's "bedside manners," but not enough about an attorney's grace and sensitivity, or "courtside manners," but Paula's were top notch and greatly appreciated. Her professionalism, knowledge of the law, and communication style provided the equally important confidence I needed that the best possible outcome would be ours. I never considered that I would ever rate my attorney based on anything beyond his or her knowledge of the law and skill in arguing on my behalf, both of which earned my confidence in full, but it was her compassion that left me with a debt of gratitude. You would do well to retain Paula Aylward.

-- Sheila


"I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts in helping me through this past year, and for the best outcome I could have hoped for. You always displayed an exceptional degree of professionalism and consultation throughout my entire ordeal.

 I realize there is a lot of behind the scenes work which I am not privy, and I appreciate your savviness and diligence in negotiating a successful resolution on my behalf. You were readily available and provided ongoing support and follow-up whenever I had any questions or concerns related to my case.  I never felt like I didn't know what was going to happen because you made sure I had knowledge of everything pertaining to my case and every option was explained and understood.
 I am confident that I would not have been able to achieve such great results with my case if it had not have been for your hard work. I cannot express how thankful I am for your personal guidance, professional service and dedication.
If anyone comes to me with a similar problem, I will gladly and strongly recommend you."
-- T.L., a family law client


"If you have a child or grandchild who needs a QUALIFIED ADVOCATE, Paula Aylward is the one. Paula helped us come to the aid of our granddaughter during one of the most challenging times of our lives. She is an EXPERT IN THE FIELD of FAMILY LAW and CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES. Paula is COMPETENT, CARING, COMPASSIONATE and extremely KNOWLEDGEABLE. She has EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS (verbal and written). SHE IS RESPONSIVE AND CONSCIENTIOUS. Paula knows the law and is willing and able to take on government bureaucrats to pursue justice. She is a no-nonsense attorney who perseveres. In our view, Paula Aylward is the #1 SUPER LAWYER. WE RECOMMEND PAULA WITHOUT RESERVATION!"

-- Kathie and Phil

CPS Expunction

"I hired Paula Aylward to expunge a CPS record from 17 years ago. She did an amazing job of gathering all the facts, reviewing changes in the law, and reviewing errors made by CPS. She kept me informed at all times. She was able to get this off my record so I can proceed with my career and life without his hanging over my head. Thank you!"

-- DM

A Godsend !!

"Paula is a wonderful resource and so knowledgeable about child laws. She helped us with a recent case and I would highly recommend her! Her expertise in this field is just what you need if you are seeking an attorney who knows about child welfare in every facet."

-- Carol

Five Star--Attorney Paula Aylward, "She Wins Cases"

"I highly recommend Attorney Aylward for the following reasons: She is a great lawyer, straightforward, empathic to her client's situations, and a genius in the State of Michigan Protective Services and Family Law.I felt hope when I observed Attorney Aylward fighting for me in the most challenging situations. In every case Attorney Aylward fought strategically before the local courts up to the highest court in the State of Michigan. Attorney Aylward saved my freedom and livelihood by exposing public corruption and the abuse of authority by government-mandated officials. I cannot even express my gratitude enough because this woman saved my life by giving me hope. I trust everything she does, and I am entirely content with her ability to honor her oath and defend her clients in the court of law. I love and appreciate you, Attorney Aylward!"
-- LaToya

Amazingly helpful!

"Paula was recommended to me by another attorney because of her specialty in removing people from the central registry. She was so communicative and helpful, editing and sending back my expunction request letter more than once trying to get it perfect. I was placed on the registry for failing to report an incident that had already been reported, which Paula agreed was unfair and did everything she could to have my name removed - successfully! I’ll absolutely call her again by if I ever find myself, or anyone else I know, in a similar situation or anything that she specializes in. I 100% recommend her services, she’s amazing!"

-- Laurel

Hiring Paula is the best decision I ever made!!!

"My name had been put on the Central Registry for abuse and neglect basically over having a dirty house. The ramifications of this meant I couldn't work with kids, which is what my degree is in. I tried to have my name expunged, but the state people fed me some false information and my expungement was dismissed. I contacted Paula and she was able to see that I clearly didn't belong on the list and she knew exactly what needed to be done to have my name removed. She was upfront with me about what could possibly happen, and also with what she thought most likely. She was available any time I had any concerns. The day she called to tell me my name was being expunged, without having to go back to court, I think she was almost as happy as I was! I highly recommend her and will definitely be calling her if I ever run into any issues that fall under her purview again."

-- Jennifer J.

"Simply the Best"

"I was going through a very bad divorce and I was wrongly accused of some very serious accusations from my ex. I had lost my marriage, my home, my child and my job. You see, I am a teacher. And the parent of an amazing child! Paula was recommended to me and I consulted with her. She told me approximately how long this would take, what she needed from me and what she would be able to do. It was a process and I had to be patient. I needed to have my case expunged from the central registry fairly quick so I could obtain employment as an educator. She knew what to do, who to contact and dug deep. She kept in regular contact via phone, email or both to update me on my case. She was able to prove my case in my favor, the accusations were unfounded. She let me know that I would be expunged from the central registry and I should be getting a copy for my records. I could not have been happier with the results and her ability to work in my favor. Her services don't come cheap, but you get what you pay for. She would found ways to cut expenses and was willing to work with my budget. I would recommend her without a doubt! I put all my faith into her and she did not disappoint."

-- Anonymous Avvo Review

She’s phenomenal!!!!

"Paula is an amazing attorney! We received her name by chance from a friend. We met with her and gave her the details of our case. The rest of her work was done behind the scenes. She was in constant contact with with the prosecutor and our children’s attorney. She provided all of the legal info necessary to support our desired outcome. It was a long drawn out process and the end result was victory! I can’t say enough good things about Paula! We HIGHLY recommend her! She is worth every penny!!!"

-- Kristin

Adoption Lawyer

"Paula was amazing as we were adopting two foster children, one of which had Indian heritage, so therefore ICWA was involved. Not only did Paula prove the children were best suited to stay in our home, but she provided much needed information to the assistant prosecuting attorney, the judge on the case and others that were instrumental in the decision that the children could be adopted by us. She is an amazing lawyer that we would recommend to everyone!!!"

-- Anonymous Avvo Review

Best Attorney For A Central Registry Removal Expungement

"I will first start off saying my experience with attorneys has not been favorable. I’ve hired attorneys to handle issues within my business and I’ve had the worse possible outcomes and experiences. I was very leery to hire another although I knew I likely would not have received a favorable outcome without an attorney. When your middle class or poor your a victim of the system without the financial means to fight back. I hired Attorney Paula Aylward to contact DHHS for a phone conference meeting to request expungement from the Central Registry. Paula was very fair to work within my financial constraints. Paula was professional, polite, timely and excellent with details. She emailed me and responded immediately to my emails. She kept me updated on the status of my case and what she needed from me. She wholeheartedly believed I was unjustly put on registry and fought to get me off. Paula did an amazing job and the outcome on my expungement was granted. Paula even followed up with confirmation that I would get mailed an official copy that my name would be removed. She did excellent and I have absolutely no doubts she used all legal persuasion to relay the facts of my case to DHHS administrators to show why the current accusations were incorrect and why my name shouldn’t have been put on the registry to begin with. Paula is very well experienced and very knowledgeable. I am so happy I hired her and I received the outcome I had hoped for. I highly recommend her services especially If you have any type of family law, CPS, Central Registry, DHHS or similar legal issue. You can feel confident you are not just a file Paula will work hard to get you the best possible outcome and she will fully invest in your case. Thank you Job well done!"

-- Anonymous Avvo Review

Competent and Caring

”Paula represented me in an appeal last year. There are truly so many positive things I could share about Paula's representation for my challenging case, but I'll highlight a few of the most important. For starters Paula agreed to take my case despite the time constraints; deadlines she had to work within. When I met her for the first time, along with my son, I felt cared about. She listened to my story with sensitivity and compassion. Further more, each time we communicated about my case I felt at peace. Paula was timely, very thorough familiarizing with my sizable case/documents; and competent with her argument before the apellet court. I have emense appreciation for Paula.”

-- Kara

One of the best

”This review is way overdue. Better than 5 years ago now i contacted paula aylward in regards to a foster child that was in my care. He had been in my care since 2 month of age and he was now going on 5. He had been returned to bio mom several times and each time came back to me more abused, damaged and neglected then before. Mrs Aylward had agreed to meet with me, after i finished my story of this little boy i desperately looked for advise on how i could fight for him while the "system" did not. Not only did she take my case and helped me petition the courts and present my case she also presented such emotional support. I always felt like she was in my corner, guiding me thru the judicial system. Unfortunately my little boy was returned to his bio mom, it was not from lack of trying on my part or Paulas part, i can honestly sleep at night knowing i did everything i could to protect him, no regret. I have sinced moved out of state and no longer foster children. Last i heard of my little boy he had been taken away from his bio mom for child endangerment. I will always be grateful to Paula, not just for her legal services but the emotional support, caring attitude, and genuine concern she gave my case.”

-- Dee

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts

”We hired Paula on a guardianship-custody case, she is awesome. She cares she is understanding. Paula takes the time to always be available and to listen to what you are telling her and she investigates like crazy to make sure not only does she have all the information but you do too. We could not have asked for anyone better and will refer her to anyone and everyone we possibly can. We can not thank her enough for all the effort she put into our case and the things she has done for our family.”

-- Linda

Expungement from Central Registry

”We hired Attorney Paula Aylward to write a letter to the DHHS to request expungement from the Central Registry. Paula was professional, polite, timely and excellent with details. She emailed us and called us to update us on what she needed from us, and what she was working on. She is an excellent communicator. She was available when we had phone appointments set up for a specific time. Promptly replying to emails. She did excellent work summating the information we had provided. She used multiple resources like other books, studies, cases to show why the current accusations were incorrect and what is permissible by state law. She is very well experienced and very knowledgeable. We are so happy we hired her and we highly recommend her services.”

-- Anonymous Avvo Review

You Must Hire Her To Fight For You

”Paula was worth every penny to do the job I hired her to do. In the last five months she got every record possible to make my case possible to be a win for me. She is very personal and professional. I would totally recommend her for your case. Thanks Paula for everything you did for me. You are Awesome!!”

-- Mike

She won my unbeatable case

”I hired a lawyer previous to Mrs. Aylward and I lost. I had been abused twice by a system that was flawed when it comes to falsely and unfairly being put on the central registry. I am a domestic violence survivor that Mrs. Alyward never gave up on and a new start to a broken life. If you’re looking for an honest and hard working lawyer look no further. She’s not just a lawyer she’s a great person.”

-- Nene

The best attorney possible

”We could not have asked for a better, more knowledgable or professional attorney than Paula. She always acted on our behalf in a reasonable and dignfied manner. We are truly grateful for her legal expertise and care. ”

-- Clover

Paula is the best lawyer you can find!!!

”I am so glad I found Paula. She was so professional and knowledgeable of my case and was right on target with the way to handle it. As far as I'm concerned she went above and beyond, always caring and always there when I needed her, I never felt like she wasn't doing everything she could for me. Her advice was invaluable to me. If anyone asks me to recommend a lawyer Paula will be the one that I recommend I am forever in her debt!!”

-- Anonymous Avvo Review

Superior representation

”Paula Aylward took my case regarding a central registry issue with the utmost concern and urgency. She proved to be a lawyer that was professional and yet caring. I was impressed with her attention to detail and her sharp mind. She was thorough in her preparation and put together strong and persuasive arguments that brought me the desired outcome in my case. It was comforting to know that she was experienced and could navigate me through this difficult issue. I also felt she was fair in the way she charged for her time. I have already recommended her to friends and would highly recommend Paula Aylward to anyone needing superior representation.

-- Jim

Paula is an expert on central registry issues.

”I don't know what I would have done or what my life would be like now if I hadn't found Paula to assist me with removing my name from the central registry in Michigan. I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs help with navigating through what can be a very intimidating and daunting process. I really can't thank her enough.”

-- Brenda

Humanized me, made me feel important and not just a client.

”Where do I start, Attorney Paula Alyward not only defended my case but she didn't judge me. I had to disclose personal things about my past. This lady never bickered or complain about the many phone calls and questions. She wasn't petty and charging me for everything she did. This woman is a great Attorney that has very good morals. She saw me a person and not a poor black, never questioning how I would pay her but jump on the band wagon for my defense. I recommend her to anyone who is a Foster Parent and need a real fighter in their corner. She knows and study the law. She don't only listen to you, she gives you good sound advice. I must thank Attorney Greenfield from Bay City Michigan for referring her to me! Paula I'm glad to have cross your path and I wish you the best in your business. We need more people like you! You Rock....”

-- Jacqueline

Respect, knowledge, communication - a top knotch attorney.

”I had never retained an attorney before when I brought a very sensitive matter to Paula Aylward. A lot was a stake, professionally and personally, and because of that, I am genuinely grateful I found Paula. A lot is said about doctor's "bedside manners," but not enough about an attorney's grace and sensitivity, or "courtside manners," but Paula's were top knotch and greatly appreciated. Her professionalism, knowledge of the law, and communication style provided the equally important confidence I needed that the best possible outcome would be ours. I never considered that I would ever rate my attorney based on anything beyond his or her knowledge of the law and skill in arguing on my behalf, both of which earned my confidence in full, but it was her compassion that left me with a debt of gratitude. You would to well to retain Paula Aylward.”

-- Sheila

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Testimonials from Non-Attorneys

Respect, knowledge, communication - a top knotch attorney. ”I had never retained an attorney before when I brought a very sensitive matter to Paula Aylward. A ...


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